I do not envy the job of the person who has to bring to life in film, the legacy of a popular video game franchise. You're never going to please everyone. That being said; this attempt at rebooting a series of games that spans over two decades is a valiant attempt and has moments of brilliance, but in our mind, falls short where it could've excelled.

The first point of contention is the main protagonist - a risky move by revolving your story around a character not in the games. Now we don't know the plans the studio has for him, but it creates a little confusion from the get-go. Nonetheless, his role in introducing the rest of the characters you know and love is great!

Sonja and Jax find Cole to introduce him to the concept of Mortal Kombat to tell him that he has been chosen. On the other side of things, the story also focuses on the age-old duel between Scorpion and Sub-Zero - something the previous iteration never touched on by making them only form part of Shang Tsung's minions. This leads us to a more 'origin' based story that we see in the later reboots of MK on modern consoles. Think Mortal Kombat 9 onwards.